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HIGHLANDER Kalispell, Montana

During the HIGHLANDER Kalispell journey, you will be able to reset, refresh, rejuvenate, and take in the clean mountain air and the views along the trail one step at a time. One new memory at a time. One new friend at a time.

Sleep under the stars, dreaming of the day you just had and where the trail will be taking you tomorrow. Sleep and hike worry-free while the Organizers provide logistical support such as camping spots, food rations, logistics. Only HIGHLANDERs understand what it means to experience an Adventure of a Lifetime. Get out of your comfort zone while allowing yourself to grow through the guidance of nature. From summiting a peak to reaching clear mountain lakes, you will leave with an unforgettable feeling as a HIGHLANDER.

Packaged Extras


Our bespoke packages provide you with the perfect travel and logistic solutions ahead of your event. Think options like accommodation, airport transfers and event services all rolled into one.


Take the stress out of finding the perfect place to stay with our selection of hotels, hand-picked for things like their location to the event or their athlete friendly facilities. Customise your booking by adding a range of our of event services.


Our airport transfer service is readily available to both athletes and spectators and offers a professional and comfortable journey.


We have a wide range of extra services readily available to really enhance your event experience. See examples of these by scrolling below.

Additional Services

Airport Transfers

Our airport transfer service is available to both participants and spectators and offers a professional and comfortable journey, as well as safe storage for any luggage or equipment that require transportation. These can be booked one-way or return.


We can book your flights and take the hassle away from your travel plans. We always tailor your request to fit your needs and will look through all the options to find the best value for your trip.

Event Transfers

Our event transfer service is available to both participants and spectators to seamlessly link your choice of accommodation to all key event sites, on all key event days.

Sports Therapy Services

Our team of sport therapists work across the event portfolio to offer pre and post event treatment of injuries or a general preparation to optimise performance and prevent injury.

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“Adversity is around every corner. You can’t escape it. How you handle that adversity is how you build your legacy.”

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